Reduce dependencies, enhance modularity, encourage the sharing of common logic, and improve testability

React and RxJs logos

Reactive programming is becoming a popular paradigm for frontend development. In this article, we aim to revisit the key ideas behind this concept, see a way it can be applied to React, and which benefits it can bring.

Adopting reactive programming and RxJs with React can help reduce dependencies, enhance…

Questo articolo è la traduzione dell’originale in inglese pubblicato su InfoQ.

“Dove mettiamo questo (Micro)servizio? E’ meglio una Serverless Function oppure un Container? O magari un Virtual Machine (VM) dedicata?”. …

Today maybe there are tools better than Java to develop applications on top of modern architectures

Microservices and Containers are very popular today, even in traditional corporate IT shops. Often though they are implemented using languages, such as Java, born in the early ’90s and designed for a world of monolithical applications. Do you remember the big old Application Servers?

Sometimes this choice is driven by…

Lambda Calculus in a typed world

Lambda Calculus is a “is a formal system in mathematical logic for expressing computation” based on the concept of functions and defined by Alonzo Church in 1936.

Alan Turing demonstrated that Lambda Calculus and Turing Machine are equivalent, and therefore that Lambda Calculus is Turing complete. …

For a rational choice we need to consider other more important elements.

I often happen to stump into posts comparing Java and Go. Almost always, at the center of the comparison is either the speed of execution or the presence/lack of specific features (usually absent in Go and well established in Java).

So if one writes that Go is awesome, there are…

Forse oggi ci sono strumenti migliori di Java per sviluppare applicazioni su architetture moderne

Da qualche anno stiamo assistendo ad una sempre più estesa adozione delle architetture a Microservizi che si appoggiano su containers. …

The Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm implemented using streams, recursively

Prime numbers can be conceived of as an infinite stream of integers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11…etc.

More than 2.000 years ago, the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes discovered that prime numbers can be calculated using streams in a recursive way.

In this article we will see a couple of different…

Lambda functions and WebSockets — how the opposites meet in the cloud

Lambda functions and WebSockets can be seen as concepts difficult to reconcile. Lambdas are ephemeral by nature. They appear when invoked and then disappear sometime after they have finished working. WebSockets, on the contrary, maintain stable, long-living connections between one server and many clients.

The AWS APIGateway offers the possibility…

Suppose you have to add a new major feature to an app. Which of the 2 scenarios is easier?

  • add the feature to a relatively small app, still under construction, not yet in production
  • add the feature to an app that has grown over time, whose overall quality is questionable…

Real-world scenarios from Stack Overflow

Reactive programming is getting traction and so is the use of ReactiveX libraries. More and more people start using this paradigm and often face similar problems in their learning path. Similar problems call for similar solutions, and this is what patterns are.

An interesting source to understand real-life problems is…

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